• Meeting Information

    Saturday, to 11:00 am

    • In-person

    • Families Friends and Observers Welcome

    Open to anyone interested in the family disease of alcoholism. Some groups invite members of the professional community to hear how the Al-Anon program aids in recovery.

    * Meeting downstairs in church basement in Room #7. Basement stairs are located near the parking lot on Lafayette Ave. Please note: There are no handicap ramps leading to the church basement.

    * Step of the month 1st and 2nd week, topic literature study 3rd week, tradition/concept of the month 4th week, service topic on 5th weeks.

    * Business meeting first Saturday of the month following the regular meeting.

    * Following the meeting, members go to lunch at predetermined destination. All are invited.

  • Irving Park United Methodist Church

    2 other meetings at this location

    1510 W Cone Blvd
    Greensboro, NC 27408

  • Updated July 14, 2023