Outreach Events

One of the core responsibilities of AIS is to provide information to newcomers and professionals outside of our membership. Some of our other projects listed on this page are part of outreach, but we also participate in the community when information about addiction support is helpful.

Two of our big outreach events in the last year have been the Never Walk Alone event hosted by the Winston-Salem and Forsyth County Police Departments. Another outreach event is the NC Foundation for Alcohol & Drug Studies Winter School.

Never Walk Alone (Fall in Winston-Salem)

This free, family-friendly event is hosted by community stakeholders to:

  • promote RECOVERY from addiction;
  • provide EDUCATION about the disease;
  • offer RESOURCES to both the addicted and their family & friends;
  • impart HOPE to our community;
  • and to HONOR the memories of those we have lost.

Community providers will be on-site. Join us for an afternoon of food, interactive activities, educational materials, and more!

You Will Never Walk Alone
You Will Never Walk Alone – September 2022
Al-Anon Table
Al-Anon table

NC Foundation for Alcohol & Drug Studies (NCFADS) Winter School (February in Greensboro)

This event is organized by the NCFADS (NC Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Studies) and is designed to educate professionals on recovery resources. We will greet and talk to participants and hand out Al-Anon literature which will be provided. Members can sign up for slots over the four-day event at the website provided.