Co-host Step 1 Meeting at Treatment Facility

Triad AIS currently coordinates a Step 1 meeting every Thursday at 2:00 pm at Fellowship Hall. Family members attending the family program attend this meeting as the last activity of their time supporting their loved one. For many, this is their first introduction to Al-Anon.

We currently have 5 teams of 3 members for each week of the month as co-hosts. We also have a list of Al-Anon members willing to substitute if a team member is not available. If you’d like to volunteer to be added to the sub list, please email and you’ll be put in touch with the coordinator.

Triad AIS is also working with other organizations to put similar programs into place — either hosting a step 1 meeting at their facility, or perhaps hosting an open meeting at the facility or nearby. If you’d be interested in hearing more about these opportunities, please email