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During the pandemic, we figured out some ways to use technology to reach out to our members and support newcomers. The first thing we had to decide about was how to handle the fall event we normally did in person (formerly known as Octoberfest).

Gratitude Festival 2020

Gratitude Festival 2020
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Our first experience with hosting a fall festival electronically was in October 2020. The theme was (re)Discovering Al-Anon and included seven speakers talking about their experience. It went so well, we did a special re-recording in early 2021 with five of our speakers. Each speaker was from one of the following groups: 1) a newcomer; 2) the spouse of a qualifier; 3) the child of a qualifier; 4) a long-time Al-Anon member; and 5) a returning member. Links to the entire YouTube video or starting at any of the individual speakers is available under the Newcomers tab of the website.

AIS PSA About Service

Five members of AIS recorded a short (under 15 minutes) video sharing their experiences of service in Al-Anon. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to hold a service position in Al-Anon and how it can help your recovery, you’ll want to watch this short video.

Newcomers Podcast

Since we weren’t been able to host newcomer meetings in person during the pandemic, some of our members recorded an example newcomer meeting that can be accessed from our website. This 22-minute podcast will give anyone who is unfamiliar with Al-Anon a great understanding of what Al-Anon is all about and what happens at an Al-Anon meeting. You can listen to the newcomer podcast [ here ].

Triad Al-Anon Website

We continue to add content to our website to help members and newcomers access all of the great benefits of Al-Anon. If there’s something you think would be helpful to be added, please email us at