Group Representative (GR) Quick Start

If being a Group Representative is totally new to you, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Group Representatives (GRs) or Reps represent your Al-Anon Family Group (AFG) meeting at the District and Area meetings. This is how AFGs havve voice and vote into what is being all the way to World Services.
  • District is a geographic region. We are in District 4 and it encompasses meetings from the areas west, south, and north of Winston-Salem all the way to the eastern side of Greensboro. District 4 currently has more than 40 AFGs.
  • Area is a larger geographic region that includes a number of Districts. We are part of the North Carolina/Bermuda Area. The North Carolina/Bermuda Area currently has 9 Districts.
  • District meetings are once a quarter. At the District meeting, we’ll discuss issues going on locally, at the Area level, and sometimes even at the World Service level.
  • Area Assemblies meet twice a year in the Spring and Fall. This is where AFGs get to vote on matters that will affect all of the North Carolina/Bermuda Area and how our Area Delegate will know how to vote on our behalf when attending World Service meetings.
  • GRs representing active AFGs are able to vote at District and Assemblies on behalf of their meeting. GRs should discuss matters with their AFG by taking a group conscience, prior to voting. Infrequently, however matters are brought to a vote which do not allow the GR time to discuss matters with AFG. Our AFGs trust our GRs to vote to the best of their ability on behalf of our AFGs.
  • You do not have to be a GR to attend or have voice either at the District meetings or at Area Assemblies. However, in order to vote you do need to be the GR or to have your AFGs permission to cast the vote. Only one vote per AFG is permitted to vote.
  • To get started, plan to attend our District Meetings and Area Assemblies and listen to what is going on and report back to your AFG to the best of your ability. As time goes on, you may consider standing for nomination for a position like District Secretary or District Treasurer or to volunteer to help with an event.
  • There are lots of former GRs ready and available to offer you their experience, strength, and hope so you are not in this alone. Trusted Servants from other Districts are also available as resources.